We are a young  independent  business that showcases reptiles, with education through enjoyment,

for your children, family or friends.

We can visit your school, party or event and tell you and all of your friends all about our reptiles 

and the Wildlife we rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Where they orginate from, and their background before we rescued them. Also we tell your party what foods they would eat in the wild and their diet they have with us.

We give you information about their homes with us, what kinds of comforts and enrichement we give them  (bedding, toys and structures)  What their natural habitat is like and the perils they have.

You can handle all of our reptiles (if you want) as they are all friendly and love to be held, we have a range of different species from our cool bearded dragon to our exotic Blue Tongued Skink that comes all the way from Australia.