Hi my name is Bob, I'm a Bearded Dragon and I'm 3 years old.  I orginate from Australia.

  I have lots of enrichment in my vivarium, they include my heat lamp and hammock, which I laze around in and under when I am basking in the sun. Some bamboo, rocks and a large drinking bowl. 

I have another name too this is what people sometimes like to refer to us as  Pogona vitticeos. They call it our Latin name. Very cool. 

I live in the arrid woodlands and deserts of Australia. This is where I find all of my delicious food like locusts, crickets and other small insects I like fruit and vegatables too, just like you should.

 I've got a secret to tell you, but you will have to keep it to yourselves, promise. I'm in Love with the girl on the other page, you know the one, good looking called Puffy. I keep bobbing at her and making my chin go as black as I can just to show her how much I care. SHHHH