My name is Kermit, Yes that’s right Kermit the frog, all these other guys on here think they have the best enclosure or the best name, well I will tell you all now it is not true you want to know why? ………it’s because I do, yep I do. 

These are some of the reasons why…… I originate from Central America and I also can be found as far as North Mexico. I like the water sources there the humidity and the lowland rainforests as they help me to keep my skin moist.


I like to climb in the tree trunks along the river banks where I sometimes just hang out on the underside of leaves. This is where I do my feeding I like to eat a variety of insects such as crickets, moths and grasshoppers, you can also find me eating smaller frogs.

My eyes are my most redeeming feature though; they are bright red and very attractive to humans but not so for my predators, I have my eyes closed and when I open them it momentarily paralyzes the predator so I can escape, good feature yes?.