I have another name too this is the scientific one!!!! 

I'm a Pogona vitticeos

I live in the arrid woodlands and deserts of Australia. This is where I find all of my delicious food like locusts, crickets and other small insects I like fruit and vegatables too, just like you should.

I originate form places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and India so this is why I like my enclosure to be hot and arid just like it would be in the wild. My home also has a lot of natural substrate such as rocks and sand, different levels for me to climb on and over. But the best thing for me though is adventure, I love to roam around the back garden with the sun on my back eating fresh grass and dandelions oh and sometimes mud don’t know why I just like it.

Hello my name is Shelby I’m a Horsefield Tortoise and I’m 3 and a half now and I’m growing every day, this is because I eat all of my vegetables and salads. This makes me strong so I can carry this shell   

around with me that I live in.