I booked Wildlive party for my daughter's 8th birthday, as she loves anything wild and exotic I thought this would be perfect. Nichola and the team came with a variety of reptiles, the kids just loved it. Hopefully we will see them again as my friend has taken their details from me because the kids just won't stop talking about it at school.


Thanks again to Nichola and the Wildlive team and of course all the well behaved reptiles.



Thank you Wildlive for an amazing afternoon never thought I would hold a snake but that is just beyond belief for me.

The kids enjoyed it too especially the baby Water dragon (H20) she is gorgeous and so well mannered even when she was passed from pillar to post.

Well thanks again, hope to see you soon.

Gail, Paul and the kids
Tracy & Nyle




My little boy wanted a Gecko for his birthday, as you could imagine I was reluctant to get him one. So when my friend suggested to me “why don’t you have a reptile party” she told me about Wildlive and their creepy crawlies I thought to myself what a great idea, Nyle gets to handle a gecko and find out all about them before we go ahead and purchase one. So we had a party last week for him and some of his friends and it was fantastic, they brought with them an array of reptiles for us to hold. They told us about where they came from, how to look after them and what kinds of foods they eat. It was amazing, the best thing about it was that we were told you had to feed them live food and my boy was not into the idea of having crickets, mealworms and other little creepy crawlies in his bedroom, so he quickly went off the idea of having a Gecko, but now wants a snake, oh dear.

Anyway a great big thank you to Nichola and the team for a brilliant day even the adults enjoyed it.




Nichola visited us for my son Logan's Birthday party, There were loads of kids there of all ages and they really enjoyed it. Nichola was very professional  and informative and introduced a wide range of animals and gave a little talk about where they come from and what sort of things they eat, She also let the kids handle and pet the animals. All in all it was a great experience for everyone.


Many thanks again Nic xx.


Hello Nichola


Just to say a huge thank you for visiting us in Stannington last week. The girls had a fantastic time. Please see below our thoughts on the evening....


‘A great evening enjoyed by all the girls (including leaders). It was amazing to hold and find out about these animals. Nichola was very knowledgeable’


Kind regards


Sue Butler, 163rd Stannington Guides


Katrina & Ella